A completely new kind of intuitive eating coaching

My one-of-a-kind coaching model blends intuitive eating principals with mindset and thought work to create a program that will not only transform your relationship to food and your body, but every other part of your life you’re looking to level up!

Emotional Modification (EMOD)

My signature coaching model

EMOD in action

Event: You just experienced a binge. You overate way too much.

E- You’re feeling shame, frustration, sadness

M - “I’m out of control and weak for bingeing. I’m never going to lose weight. I’m always going to hate my body.”

O - “I hate past comfortable fullness. I didn’t eat all day prior to this binge.”

D - I will eat earlier in the day and consistently to avoid bingeing.

Inquiry-Based Coaching

In Action

Thought: “I will never love my body.”

Is that a fact? “No, i currently love small parts sometimes. And I don’t know how future me will feel with certainty.”

How do you feel when you believe that thought? “I feel hopeless, shameful, worthless.”

How would you feel if you didn’t have that thought? “I would be free. I wouldn’t be so worried and fearful of food or mirrors all the time.”

Reversal: “My body will never love me (if i keep treating it this way).”

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