VIP - $4000 ($200 deposit, $100 wk for 38 weeks)

Gold - $2000 ($200 deposit - $100 week for 18 weeks)

Silver - $1000 ($200 deposit, $80 a week/10 weeks)

Starter - $750 ($200 deposit, $55 a week/10 weeks)

Fill out the application below.

When you click the "Let's do this!" button,
you'll be taken to a checkout page to pay your Defy the Diet deposit.

From there, you will receive a series of three emails: 

1. An invoice receipt for your deposit

2. A welcome email from Freedom with Food and Fitness with all the links you'll need to participate in the program, as well as all important dates and times. 

3. An email from JotForm with your contract (this may come later than the rest as the contract is signed by me and Maria before it's sent to you)