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Coaching that works (unlike diets!)

Freedom with Food and Fitness utilizes a virtual group and private coaching hybrid with the goal of helping clients become happier, healthier, and more confident in their own skin. Using the evidence-based, anti-diet framework of intuitive eating, combined with strategies to rewire your thoughts, you will learn how to:

💙eat without guilt and make peace with food

💙identify and overcome triggers that cause overeating or restricting

💙improve overall health without dieting, restriction or obsession

💙accept and respect your body, no matter its size

💙incorporate exercise/movement into your in a way that feels fun, refreshing, effective, and sustainable.

💙approach food and fitness in a way that is sustainable and realistic for YOU

Hi, I’m Alana Van Der Sluys.

I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, book author, TEDx speaker, and the founder of Freedom with Food and Fitness, LLC.

I spent seven years battled eating disorders, hating my body, obsessing over the scale, and never feeling like I was enough.

My mission is to help you identify diet culture’s false messages about beauty and health; teach you how to become an intuitive eater; provide you with actionable, realistic strategies to achieve food freedom; and inspire you to live a life full of gratitude, purpose, and self-worth beyond your weight.

How is your relationship to food?

Disordered eater or intuitive eater? Find out here!

Your healthiest self as an intuitive eater

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