You’ve tried so hard…

to feel comfortable in your body as it isinstead of fantasizing and obsessing about how you used to look.

to be healthier and fitter since you had kidsbut you can’t seem to find a program that works for you—or the time to do it.

to feel confident enough to be in pictures with family and friends…not worried about what people will think of you in them.

to live your life authentically and unapologetically…instead of criticizing yourself for not being “social media perfect.”

to achieve your personal and professional dreams…without feeling like you’re not “enough” yet to go after them.

But it never seems to work.

You binge at night because you’re so stressed and tired that you just need a release or sense of comfort.

You eat “clean”—until you’re eating funfetti cake out of the garbage.

The voice in your head cuts you down, telling you you’re not enough—instead of inspiring you.

You stay stuck in the constantly cycle of the same… instead of becoming the woman you want to be.

And you’ve tried so many “solutions.”

You try diets that promise weight loss and happiness gain, only to fail at the diet and regain all the weight back.

You buy the gym membership and go for the first few weeks—until you never go again.

You read “Atomic Habits", hoping you’ll change every aspect of yourself that you hate…until you’re back to square one.

You write New Years resolutions for yourself, wanting to be a new person, but remain the same each and every year.

But that’s where I come in,

with intuitive eating and body image guidance

I provide coaching for women who want to pursue health without restrictive and obsessive diets, using the philosophy of intuitive eating: a scientifically-validated, anti-diet framework. Through this framework and our work together, you’ll be able to confidently:

💙eat without guilt and make peace with food

💙identify and overcome triggers that cause overeating or restricting

💙improve overall health without dieting, restriction or obsession

💙accept and respect your body, no matter its size

💙incorporate exercise/movement into your life in a way that feels fun, refreshing, effective, and sustainable

💙approach food and fitness in a way that is sustainable and realistic for YOU

💙 free up your time, money and energy to appreciate the life you have NOW, while still going after your dreams.

Hi, I’m Alana Van Der Sluys.

I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, book author, TEDx speaker, and the founder of Freedom with Food and Fitness, LLC.

I spent almost a decade battling eating disorders, hating my body, obsessing over the scale, and never feeling like I was enough.

My mission is to help you identify diet culture’s false messages about beauty and health; teach you how to become an intuitive eater; provide you with actionable, realistic strategies to achieve food freedom; and inspire you to live a life full of gratitude, purpose, and self-worth beyond your weight.

One of the first steps to becoming an intuitive eater? Ditching the scale!

Easier said than done? Click here to grab my free “Ditching the Scale” worksheet to help you start listening to your own body, instead of the number on the scale!

The best motivator to heal your relationship with food? The dream life that you wish you were living.

It’s possible! Snag my “Impossible Goals” Worksheet here to see what’s possible when you achieve food freedom—and the steps to get there

Health vs. Intuitive Eating?

No way! You can TRULY have it all!  Click here to get yourself a copy of my FREE eBook:  “3 Ways to Boost Health with Intuitive Eating”

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