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Freedom with Food and Fitness is an online community where we coach and support women through the philosophy of intuitive eating, an anti-diet philosophy that gives trust back to our bodies in terms of what they need to thrive. We reject diet culture’s harmful messages that tell us we need to be thin or fit to be valued, beautiful, and worthy. We help women with eating disorders, as well as those who have become disordered eaters through years of yo-yo dieting.

Freedom with Food and Fitness is unique in the body positivity and ED recovery space because it incorporates fitness into your journey to reclaiming your life, happiness, and sanity. We teach you that joyful movement is a vital and enjoyable part of life, even if you need to heal your relationship with it first.

Hi, I’m Alana Van Der Sluys.

I’m an intuitive eating coach, author, speaker and founder of Freedom with Food and Fitness

I am five years recovered from a five-year battle with binge-restrict cycles, orthorexia, and body dysmorphic disorder.

My mission is to help women realize how disordered the media’s messages surrounding body, weight, and food have become; teach them about intuitive eating and food freedom; coach them with easy-to-follow strategies on how to implement IE; and inspire them to live a life full of gratitude, purpose, happiness, and self-worth.

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We are growing…

As we grow our community, we will be offering group coaching, as well as 1:1 coaching for binge eaters, those with poor self body image, those struggling with disordered eating, and those who are already on an intuitive eating journey but simply need continued support.

My first book, The Everygirl’s Guide to Intuitive Eating and Fitness:Strategies, Tips and Prompts

to Heal Your Relationship with Food and Your Body will be published next year. It will be a 200-page interactive workbook with actionable strategies and journaling opportunities to really make your journey to food freedom a tailor-made one.

If you’d like to pre-order the book by helping to fund its publishing and marketing, click the link below!


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If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for me and Freedom with Food and Fitness, please shoot me an email!

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