Hear from my clients about their amazing transformations

with Defy the Diet and what it’s like to work with me as a coach.

Client Testimonials

"Since working with Alana, I finally feel like I understand what food freedom is and what breaking up with diet culture is and I think I’m finally experiencing food freedom! Alana is such a helpful coach and pretty much always available to answer any questions I may have or coach me through big emotions or stressful events without turning to food first (sometimes food is the answer and I’ve learned that’s ok too by working with Alana but I’ve developed and leaned on other coping skills too through this work). She has also given me the tools to do this work on my own too. It’s a lot of journaling and self-talk and then slowing down and listening to what my body truly wants and needs in the moment—intuition. I’m super grateful to have met Alana and I feel like she’s a friend too, even though we’ve never even met in real life. She’s a mom like me and understands my desire to heal my unhealthy coping habits so that I can set my daughter up for success and not pass too many negative habits onto her. I highly recommend Alana to anyone!”

Alex, Summer 2022 Client

“I'm so grateful for Alana's coaching. She's helped me develop a healthier relationship with food and helped me uncover the root causes of my disordered eating. She's very open and honest about her own struggles in her journey which empower me and the other ladies in the group to have deep conversations about the challenges and pressures we face from diet culture in our society. Alana is very passionate about what she does and provides a lot of great information and research to help us be successful in our goals. I've learned and grown so much! Thank you so much Alana!”

Adriana, Summer 2022 Client

“I have never worked with anyone that has been so generous with their time and giving of themselves and their honest feedback . This part was BY FAR my favorite part of this program. She went above and beyond showing that she cares and that she wants to help people. I don’t want  to say goodbye. I have appreciated Alana's no nonsense approach and her caring demeanor. Sometimes it helps so much even when I know what she will say - but I still need validation and to hear it from someone else.”

Kathy, Summer 2022 Client

"As a coach, I would describe Alana as influential. In the small amount of time I have talked with her, I feel like my eating habits have improved and I feel less guilty when I listen to my body.”


"Alana has really helped to show/teach me that diet culture sucks, it’s ok to have rolls (means we’re alive! lol) and just had posted a out of great things that really help me. I would describe Alana as reliable, super helpful, kind, inspiring coach.”


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